Goodbye Girl

She knocked on his door, ran a hand down her shirt to smooth non-existent wrinkles. She made her lips curve up when he opened the door.

“Hi,” he said.


Neither of them moved for an eternity, then he stepped aside, gestured with his head for her to come in.

She brushed by him, inhaled his woodsy scent, suppressed the shiver when he touched her. His touch always made her shiver.

He led her to the sofa where they sat in silence. When he reached out his hand to take hers, she pulled away.

He sighed. “Now? We’re doing this now?”

She turned to him, forced a smile. “Not yet.” She swung her leg over his hips and straddled him, cupped his face in her hands. “Not yet,” she repeated.

She pressed against him, pleased that his cock was hard. His hand gripped her ass and he devoured her mouth, the kiss frantic and desperate.

“Not yet,” he agreed.

She shoved off him, walked to the back of the small apartment. “We have other things to do right now.”

He grinned. “Yes we do.”

In his bedroom, he pushed her on the bed, yanked her pants down while she pulled her shirt off. Once she was naked, he pressed her thighs apart, pushed her knees back and dove. His mouth ravaged her pussy, his tongue grinding with relentless heat. Her fingers dug into his hair and she opened her thighs wider, begged for more. He shoved two fingers into her cunt and the orgasm was immediate.

Sensitive now, she cried out, tried to push his face away. But he pushed her thighs wider, sucked harder.

“Stop,” she cried, even as her body betrayed her, and the orgasm built again.

He growled—actually growled—and lapped at her, spread her pussy, sucked at her clit, until she came again.

“I can’t,” she begged, when he continued to lick. “Stop.” Her body jerked at his touch.

He only held her down, pressed her legs wider, and continued to eat her as though he would die without her.

Considering the reason she was there, she wondered if he would. Wondered if she would, too.

She was in the zone, by the fifth orgasm—when had she ever had five orgasms?—and when she came, she spread her legs wider and pressed his face into her. If she was going to leave him, she wanted this to be a memorable evening.

“Don’t stop,” she commanded.

He changed the angle, pulled back the hood, and an entire new sensation ripped through her. Fully exposed now, he tongued her clit and wave after wave slammed through her as he held her down and feasted.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

On his knees now, he rammed his cock into her, its impossible length hitting sensitive parts never before touched. He let her cum once before pushing her on her side and fucking her at an angle.

His hips rocked as his cock slid in and out of her cunt. She came again before he pulled out and stroked his cock with his hand—something he knew she loved to watch—and he came across her tits.

Spent now, they lay in bed. After two hours of moaning and sighing, they lay in silence.

She squeezed his hand once, then sat up, dressed in the dark.

At his bedroom door, she looked back, thankful he couldn’t see her cry.

“Goodbye,” she whispered.

Monster Mash

He pressed against her back, his entire body lined up against hers, his hard cock pressed against her ass.

“Are you awake?”

Emily groaned. “No.”

He thrust his hips against her. “I am.”

“Darren.” She growled his name. “I already told you, if you wake me up to fuck me, I’m going to punch you in your junk.”

He nibbled the back of her neck—the sensitive spot he knew drove her nuts—and pushed his hand down her belly until his fingers slipped into the folds of her pussy.

“Jesus, you’re already wet,” he panted in her ear.

“But I’m not awake.”

His fingers moved to her clit, rubbed the hard nub. Her traitorous body betrayed her—she could not resist this man. He had the mouth of an angel (if angels ate pussy) and the biggest cock she’d ever had. His mouth was angelic, but his cock was pure devil.

Her hips rocked against his hand and she pressed her ass against his cock. When she moaned his name, he yanked her thigh back over his hip, rammed his fingers into her cunt.

She hooked her arm back over his neck, rode his hand, chanting his name, until she came. The orgasm ripped through her like a rocket.

She rolled over, shoved him onto his back. “That was mean.”

He only grinned at her. “What are you talking about, babes?”

She lowered onto his cock and he groaned as her wet cunt gripped him. Her head dropped back as she took him deeper.

“You know I can’t resist this monster.”

His hands gripped her hips, dug into her when she started to ride him.

“It’s all yours, babes.”

She pinched her nipples as she fucked him, her hips swirling a little on the down shift. She looked like a goddess, pounding him like that. He was already close to the edge.

“It is mine.” Her dark eyes locked onto his and she smiled. “All mine.”

She sucked her fingers into her mouth, brought them down to her pussy and stroked her clit. She rode harder and faster until she spasmed around his cock. When she bowed back, Darren let himself go and shot into her, his fingers digging into her hips as he grunted her name.

She dropped onto him, her breasts crushed against his chest. His hand stroked her ass as she buried her face in his neck.

“And don’t forget it,” she said.

Coffee and Milk - Part 2

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* * *

Noah drives through traffic, navigating between cars and trucks. I want to unhook my seatbelt and lean over to nibble on his neck, rub my hand over his cock that I’m quite sure is rock hard. But the Good Girl inside me tells me to stay in my seat. Keep your seatbelt on. Behave yourself.

She pisses me off sometimes, this Good Girl. She always plays the logic card, insists I do the right thing. Well, let me tell you something, honey. Right now, the right thing for me to do is fuck Noah Arc. You can either watch or participate, but you’re not going to stop me.

He pulls into the lot of a high-rise, parks in the underground. He gets out and opens the door for me, guides me to the elevator.

I can’t explain it, but I’m anxious now. The rushed foreplay at Starbucks was needed on a level of desperation that neither of us will likely analyze.

He unlocks the door to his apartment, steps aside to let me in. It’s rather tidy for a single man. I expected clothes to be lying about and dishes on the counter, but everything is put away. There are books stacked on the coffee table, some mail on the kitchen counter. There is one coffee cup in the sink. I run my finger around the rim, knowing his mouth caressed it, just like he caressed my pussy only fifteen minutes ago.

He stands behind me, wraps his arms around my waist, presses his cheek against my head. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m nervous.”

He kisses the back of neck, knows this is a powerful erogenous zone for me. With an open mouth, he sucks and nibbles until I am all but writhing against him.

“You don’t seem nervous now,” he says.

“Not anymore,” I agree. “Now I’m very horny.”

“Well, let’s fix that.” He takes my hand, leads me to his bedroom where he undresses me.

He sighs and moans as the removal of each layer exposes more of me. “You’re beautiful, sweetheart,” he says when I’m standing before him naked. I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful or even pretty, but Noah looks at me with reverence and I feel like a goddess.

He leans in, presses his lips against mine, wraps his hands behind my neck. His tongue seeks mine, teases and plays. His moans are as intoxicating as his busy mouth.

My hands sneak up beneath his shirt, wander up his back; his muscles tense up as I touch him. I pull his shirt up and over his head, drop it on the floor. My gaze flicks down at his chest, then back up to his eyes and he knows what I’m thinking. He has mentioned more than once that his nipples are sensitive and I am eager to discover how much.

I press my mouth on his neck, flick my tongue along the pulse. Fuck, he tastes good. I want to savor more, I need to have more. My mouth trails across his shoulder, down his chest. I dip my head down and flick my tongue across his nipple.

He hisses and I hesitate.

“Keep going,” he says. His hand cups the back of my head, presses me against him.

I lathe his nipple, flick my tongue over it like a maniacal metronome. It’s a technique a former lover performed on me and it drives me wild.

It works on Noah, too.

He drops his head back, pushes his hips forward. I rub my hand against his hard bulge, shift to work the other nipple.

“God, that feels good,” he moans.

I suck hard on his nipple and he growls. His fingers convulse, dig into my scalp. His reaction undoes me and I can’t wait any longer. I drop to my knees, and make quick work of pulling down his jeans and underwear in one smooth movement.

His cock springs up, thick and dark, the head shiny with pre-cum. I wrap my hand around the base of the shaft, flick my tongue across the top. Tangy and salty. He is so fucking delicious.

I wrap my lips around the head, and suck. Gripping the base, I take him in as far as I can, sucking and stroking. He drops his head back, moans my name. I drop into the zone, absolutely in love with his beautiful cock. His moans make my pussy drip.

“Okay,” he whispers. “I have to stop, sweetheart. If I keep doing that, I’m going to cum.”

He tries to pull away from me, but I cup his ass and push him back into my mouth. I moan around his cock and I know he enjoys the vibration because he gets even harder.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good.” He holds my head and fucks into my mouth, chanting my name until he cums.

When he stops pulsing, I sit back, kiss the tip of his cock. I smile up at him.

“Now what?” I ask him.

Coffee and Milk - Part 1

He’ll be at Starbucks. He’s always at Starbucks. He’s the only person who loves coffee with the same guiltless greed as me.

Nestled in a club chair in a quiet corner, I sip a black Americano and pretend to read. The café is not too busy this time of day. I suppose most people don’t want caffeine this late at night. For me, it doesn’t matter. Chronic insomnia keeps me up at night, caffeine or not.

Or maybe it’s the fact that my brain spins like a tornado as I play out sex scenes with this man—this complete stranger.

Then again, we’ve exchanged emails containing intimate, detailed descriptions of our sexual needs. That no longer makes us strangers, right?

I realize my Forrest Gump logic is not sound, but I don’t care. I want this man with an intensity that frightens me. He has spun words of lust and hope, leaving me wet and needy. He makes me forget my loneliness and fills the empty places in my soul.

My heart pounds when he walks in.

He strolls through the café, confident and a little arrogant—he carries both well. He walks straight to the counter and orders his drink, chats with the petite, blond barrista while he waits. He doesn’t look around, but keeps his eyes on her, laughing and flirting. I can’t blame him. I did the same thing. She has a great smile and a really great ass. I had imagined what it would be like to press my face between her thighs and I smile now, knowing he’s probably thinking the same thing.

That is something else we both share. I love pussy almost as much as he does.

Noah Arc, as he is known in the cyber world, is a self-proclaimed cunnilingus addict. The man who devotes his life to ‘the little man in the boat’, or arc, if you will.

I admit, my boat hasn’t floated in a while. I need to drift on the ocean of lust and greed until I am sated.

And that’s why I’m here. So Noah can float my boat.

As he walks by, coffee in hand, he glances over and smiles at me. A few more steps and he stops, turns. He looks at me with a fierce intensity.

I have stared at those eyes in countless photographs and I knew they were intense, but in person, they are hypnotic. I am pulled toward him, as if I’m in a thrall.

He walks over, sits down next to me, never taking his gaze away. It is breathtaking.

“You’re here,” he says.

For a moment I think he is angry, but then he smiles. His full lips curve in the most mischievous grin and I relax.

“I needed to see you,” I said.

He cups his hand behind my neck and pulls me in. His mouth is a breath away from mine when his tongue flicks out to wet his lips. My pussy blooms with need as I imagine that tongue flicking my clit.

“You can see all of me,” he says.

He covers my mouth with his, lets out a quiet moan. His other hand creeps up my thigh to cup my hip. His tongue eases my mouth open and I welcome it, teasing it with my own. I tilt my head, take the kiss deeper. My fingers creep through his thick curls, cup the back of his head. I want to push him down, press him between my thighs, urge him to feast.

But we’re in Starbucks, for Christ’s sake!


“No,” he says. “I’ve waited long enough. Come with me.”

He takes my hand, and I grab my bag, follow him out to the parking lot. We walk behind the building to a secluded alcove where he presses me against the concrete wall.

“I need to taste you right now. I’ve waited too long for this.”

“Oh god,” is all I can manage by way of assent as he drops to his knees and pushes up my skirt.

“You aren’t wearing underwear.” He looks up at me, a surprised smile on his face.

“I thought it would be easier.”

“It is, sweetheart.”

He lifts my left leg and places it over his shoulder, spreads my labia with his thumbs. My head falls back, bumps against the brick wall, as I lose myself in the sensation. I fucking love it when I’m spread open like this and he knows it.

He presses his open mouth against my pussy. The heat is like an inferno, igniting everything inside of me. His tongue laps my juices, pushes into my cunt and I ride it as the pressure builds to a delicious high.

He wraps his lips around my swollen clit, sucks it hard into his mouth and it undoes me. I bow back as orgasm tears through my body, rushes up through my scalp.

He kisses my thigh then lowers my leg, lets my skirt drop down.

“Let’s go back to my place,” he says.

Oh, god, yes.

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NYC - Part 8

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Saying goodbye to Sarah was bittersweet. Emily had enjoyed being with her, enjoyed the softness of her long, lean body wrapped around her own. But she wanted to spend her last day alone with Steve.

It was selfish, she knew, but she wanted this memory of just the two of them, wanted to savor it, hold it close to her heart, bring it out when she was home alone.


“Come here.” Steve patted the bed next to him.

Eager, ready, Emily crawled next to him. He pulled her close, cradled her body next to his.

“I’m glad you came down for a visit. It was more than I imagined.” He chuckled. “And I imagined it a lot.”

He pressed his open mouth against the back of her neck, flicked his tongue against her skin. He knew, now, that this was her strongest erogenous zone, and he smiled when she arched against him, rubbed her ass against his cock. He shifted, nudged, until the shaft rested between her firm cheeks.

“I like this,” he murmured against her ear.

Emily sighed in response. He was already saying goodbye.

As if he could read her thoughts, he wrapped an arm around her and whispered, “We don’t have much time.”

“No, we don’t.”

“How do you want to spend your last few hours here?”

She turned to him, pressed her lips against his. She meant it to be a simple kiss, void of emotion, but he groaned against her mouth and she melted. Saying nothing, she poured herself into the moment and his reaction was immediate. Teeth scraped against lips, teased and tugged.

It wasn’t rushed and frantic like before, when each of them was desperate to devour the other, impatient to learn, eager to know. They had spent the last two days doing just that. Now it was tranquil and languid, a hypnotic journey of pleasure.

His hands skimmed her hips, her fingers tangled in his hair. Her hands trailed up and down his back, his fingers pinched eager nipples. Their mouths never parted, until he broke the connection and trailed his lips down her throat.

She moaned, fell back against the bed. “Steve.” His name was nothing but a sigh.

His hand skimmed across her belly. “I have to do this,” he said against her mouth. Thick fingers pushed through the wet folds of her pussy. “I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I,” she panted.

Taking his time, he pushed apart her thighs, pressed open her lips. His head dipped down and she caught her bottom lip between her teeth, anticipating the thrill, bracing for the punch when his mouth devoured her cunt in greedy laps.

Steve bent forward and pressed his open mouth against her. “Mmmmm.” His quiet hum sent tiny shock waves through her, but he didn’t move. She shifted, tried to grind her pussy against his mouth, but he held her fast. “Just enjoy, baby.”

He stroked her thighs with his fingers until she relaxed into the bed. Only then, did he move his tongue.

It was delicious torture as he traced lines between the wet folds of her pussy, nipped at the tender skin inside her thighs. He traced lazy circles around the swollen nub, as blood pulsed. He blew warm air against her clit, but never touched.

“Steve,” she panted. “Please, Steve.”

It’s what he’d been waiting for…to hear her beg for him one last time.

His fingers had difficulty finding purchase—she was so fucking wet—but he managed to spread her open, take in the glistening lips for a few seconds, before clamping his mouth onto her.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned, but kept still, as if she knew he would stop if she moved.

His lips pulled on her clit, making soft, sucking noises, as his fingers stroked her labia. No longer able to control herself, her hips moved. Not the desperate thrusting from before, but a gentle rocking, matching the tempo of his mouth and tongue.

“That’s it, baby.” Steve pressed a finger into her cunt and Emily bit back a cry. He pulled out and came back with two thick fingers, pushed them in and out of her, kept the slow, easy pace, as Emily chanted his name over and over.

Her cunt pulsed around his fingers when she came and he sucked the juices from them.

She was still a little dazed from the orgasm, the emotion of it, when he lay next to her, spooning as they had when Susan left.

“I’m going to be selfish now,” he said and he lifted her leg, pressed into her from behind.

He held her as his hips rocked against her ass, his cock sliding easily into her cunt, dragging her up again.

“Don’t forget this, baby,” he said. He stroked her clit with one hand and the next orgasm ripped through her.

“Not a chance,” she said.

* * *

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NYC - Part 7

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Every muscle in her body ached, every inch of her felt bruised. Some parts probably were—the parts that had been pinched and bitten at least. She had a vague recollection of being spanked.

Emily smiled as she stretched, her back bowing in a delicious arc. She felt alive. She’d never been so used, so abused. It felt wonderful.

The weekend would end tomorrow and she would go back home, return to her mundane life of self-pleasure. At least her fantasies with Steve were now reality. Night after night she’d thought of him as she masturbated, imagined the delightful things he’d do to her. Her fantasies hadn’t come close; reality was so much better.

She looked down at Sarah who lay nestled between her legs, her head resting on a thigh. Their eyes met and held; desire slammed through her fast and hard. She found it curious that she was so attracted to Sarah; was thrilled each time the woman moaned, ached to make her cum again.

Steve returned from the bathroom and Emily glanced over at him, looked back at Sarah who got the message.

Sarah stood up, pulled Emily with her. “Lie down, Steve.”

He spread out on the bed without hesitation, folded his arms behind his head, a boyish grin on his face.

“Do what you will, ladies.”

Emily had a slight twinge of regret that she was sharing. She quickly shook off the feeling, wary of entertaining any notion that this could be more than a weekend tryst. He wasn’t hers to keep, though she realized now that she wanted more. Never mind, she told herself, he was hers now. And if she had to share, so be it. After all Sarah was more than pleasurable to look at.

And fuck.

Emily pushed his leg open, bent forward, as Sarah did the same. Together, tongues stroked up and down his cock, mouths meeting at the top, sliding down in unison; their moans punctuated by Steve’s sighs.

Sarah nestled between his legs, sucked his balls while Emily rotated her tongue around the head. His hips thrust up, fucking Emily’s mouth. His hand pushed down her head, guiding her movement, slowing it down.

“Easy, baby. That’s it. Nice and slow.”

His fingers pushed between her thighs, slid easily between wet folds, rotated around her clit. She moaned against his cock.

“You want more, don’t you?”

Emily glanced up at him. “I always want more. I’m greedy that way.”

He laughed. “I know. It’s what I like about you. You’re greedy and insatiable.” He yanked her across him ravaged her mouth with his, his tongue strong and hard. “Like me.”

His hands cupped her face and for a moment, she was shocked when she felt fingers press between her thighs, stroke her clit in a slow, easy rhythm. She looked down to see Sarah, intent on sucking Steve’s cock, eyes closed in bliss, one hand massaging Emily’s pussy.

She turned back to Steve, her hungry mouth taking his. Oh yes, Emily thought, leaving would inevitably break her heart.

NYC - Part 6

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Emily took her time crawling up the bed. After all, if it was her, she’d need a moment to recuperate after that orgasm.

Hovering on all fours, she traced lazy kisses up Sarah’s thigh, stopped a moment to drag her tongue across the glistening labia.

When Sarah moaned, Emily smiled into the wet pussy, pushed the thighs apart, eager to make this woman cum again.

“Not yet, doll.” Sarah wrapped a leg around her waist and flipped her over with ease, draped herself over Emily’s long body. Her mouth was hard and eager this time, her tongue strong and sure.

Emily glanced up at Steve, who stood next to the bed, fisting his cock in lazy strokes.

“You want to join in?” she asked.

He smiled at them. “There’s plenty of time. I just want to watch for now.”

Sarah dipped her head down, wrapped her lips around Emily’s nipple and sucked. “Tell me what your girl likes, Steve. Better yet…show me.”

The lascivious grin on his face had Emily’s heart pounding and her pussy throbbing with need.

“She likes her nipples flicked.”

Sarah nodded. “She did that to me.” As she clamped onto Emily’s nipple, she pressed Steve’s head down to feast on the other. Emily arched up as both breasts were assaulted, lust shooting down between her thighs.

“Oh God!” She pressed both heads against her chest, her hips rocking, wanting to be filled, needing release. “Please,” she begged.

Steve shifted until he was leaning over her and held Emily’s legs open as Sarah scooted down to kneel between her thighs. His sure fingers manipulated her lips, spread them wide as Sarah’s tongue stroked from her ass up to her clit.

“Jesus!” Emily’s hips thrust up to meet Sarah’s hungry mouth.

Sarah clamped onto Emily’s wet pussy, her mouth open, pointed tongue against her clit, working in tight circles.

“That’s it,” said Steve, his hands holding Emily open. “Put your fingers inside her. Two fingers. Slow now, easy.”

The pressure was unbearable. Sarah’s skillful mouth on her cunt, Steve’s calloused hands spreading her wide and his gravelly voice giving orders.

Steve flicked his chin at her. “Make her cum.” He said it as though he were giving both women permission to finally enjoy the moment. It almost made her cum right then.

“Fuck her faster,” he growled. “Faster. Harder. She likes it hard.”

“Yes. Yes.” Emily’s head rock back and forth as her heart pounded and the intensity grew. Sarah’s slammed her fingers into her, brushing that sweet spot on each stroke. She arched as the orgasm tore through her. “Don’t stop.” Her body convulsed as aftershocks continued to ripple through her body.

When the tremors subsided, Emily lay on the bed, a satisfied smile on her face, Sarah curled up beside her. Steve knelt next to her head and she tilted her face, traced her lips along his cock, licked the bitter precum that clung to the slit in the head. She moaned, no longer surprised that she was ready for him.

He looked down at her and grinned.

“My turn.”

NYC - Part 5

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Emily twisted her hair into a loose knot, secured it at the top of her head with a claw clip. Although the musky air of sex was alluring, she needed to take a shower, freshen up a bit.

“Are you joining me?” she called out from under the hot spray, groaning as the water needled into her skin.

Her mind wandered, imagined rubbing her hands all over Steve’s hard wet muscles, and she ached for more. Her soapy fingers brushed her pussy, wet with water and arousal, and circled her swollen clit. She leaned against the cool tile, opened her legs, pulled on one nipple.

“You need to come out here,” Steve called back. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Does it involve an orgasm?”


“Be right out!”

She couldn’t resist a few more strokes—just to heighten the tension, she told herself—before rinsing off and towelling dry.

She unclipped her hair, didn’t bother to put on the bath robe, and walked into the suite.

A woman—mid-twenties, Emily guessed—leaned against the dresser. She wore a short snug dress in killer red and three-inch black heels. Blond hair swung down in a long bob and her eyes danced with mischief.

Emily didn’t bother to cover herself, but glanced over at Steve, who lay sprawled on the bed, a sheet barely covering his waist. “Who’s your friend?” she asked.

“This is Sarah.” Steve gestured with his glass of bourbon. “I thought you might like to eat something different.”

The woman shifted and Emily knew it was to offer a better look at the small, perky breasts, the long toned legs.

“Steve said you were visiting for the weekend.” Her voice was soft and sultry. “Said you might want to take in some sights.”

Emily smiled, her gaze taking in the small breasts, the round ass. “I must say, the view is gorgeous.”

Sarah dipped her head. “Thank you, though I think I’m overdressed.”

The woman’s slow smile made something shift inside Emily, something she recognized all too well. She licked her lips, already wondering what to touch first. “My experience is limited,” Emily said, somehow needing to apologize. “I’ve only done this once, and I was really drunk,”

Sarah smiled. “I’ll teach you.”

She held out her hand and Emily took it, moving into the embrace. The kiss was soft and tender, not at all like kissing Steve, who was much more aggressive. Emily tilted her head, ran her fingers into Sarah’s hair, pushing power into the kiss.

“Don’t fake it for me,” Emily said when Sarah moaned.

“I wasn’t faking. For a first-timer, you’re very confident.”

Emily ran a hand down Sarah’s back, stroked her ass in small circles. “I’m just horny.” She ran her tongue down the woman’s throat, nipped when Sarah tipped her head back. Her hand cupped a small breast—so much different than her own—pinched the hungry nipple. “I want to see all of you. You feel so soft and yet hard.”

She tugged the zipper, let the dress fall around Sarah’s feet. A tiny triangle of pale blue silk, already wet, covered her crotch. Emily flicked her thumbs over hard nipples that poked through filmy lace, rolled them between her fingers. Panting now, Sarah unhooked the bra, let it drop to the floor, and pushed the small tits forward.

Emily didn’t hesitate. She dipped her head down, clamped her mouth onto one exposed breast as her hand worked the other. Her tongue skimmed back and forth over the nipple—a technique that Steve used on her—flicking with lightning speed. When Sarah’s hips pressed against her, she spun her around, pressed her back onto the bed. She smiled when the bronze thighs quivered as her fingers pulled down the silk thong.

Steve scooted across the bed, shifted until he was next to Sarah’s head. She reached up, stroked his thigh and he sighed.

“Tell me if I’m doing this wrong,” Emily said to him.

“Just do what feels good to you. If you like it, she’ll like it.” He ran his hand over Sarah’s hair, kissed her mouth, then took her hand, wrapped it around his cock, guiding her strokes.

Emily crawled up the bed, pressed Sarah’s thighs open. “I can’t wait. I want to taste you.”

She pressed open her thighs, and settled on her belly between Sarah’s legs, flicked her tongue up the slit, relished the sweet salty taste. With her thumbs, she open the labia, spreading the lips wide and pressed her open mouth against the soaking cunt, her tongue swirling around the clit.

“I don’t have to teach you a thing,” Sarah panted, one hand wrapped in Emily’s hair, the other stroking Steve’s cock.

Emily glanced up, as Steve shifted onto his knees. Sarah’s greedy mouth opened and Steve hissed when she scraped her teeth along his cock. Hands behind him, head tipped back, Steve thrust forward, fucking Sarah’s mouth as she fingered his balls.

“That is so fucking hot. I didn’t think watching someone suck you off would be such a turn on.”

Sarah glanced down at her. “You want some.”

Emily shook her head, pushed Sarah’s legs wider. “I have what I want here. You enjoy.”

“I will.” And Sarah’s head dropped down to the bed when Emily eased two fingers into her cunt as she continued to suck the hard clit. “Oh! Fuck!”

“Yeah,” Emily said. “I like that too. It always makes me cum.”

Emily pulled back the hood, wrapped her lips around the round nub and sucked, while her fingers pistoned in and out of Sarah’s wet cunt.

“Yes, yes,” Sarah managed to pant. “Oh god, yes!” Her hips rocked faster, breath came in quick short pants. Emily shifted to her knees and drilled her fingers like a jackhammer.

“FUCK!” Sarah contracted around her fingers, her hips bucking, Emily revelling in the power of making this woman orgasm.

Emily slowed the speed, kissed the inside of her those delicious thighs, until the spasms stopped.

Sounding a little bit drunk, her hand still wrapped around Steve’s cock, Sarah let out a small laugh. “Well, I’d call that beginner’s luck.”

Emily shrugged, sucking Sarah’s juices from her fingers. “I know what I like.”

Sarah patted the pillow beside her. “Come up here and tell what you’d like me to do to you.”

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NYC - Part 4

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

The debate on going out for dinner or ordering room service didn’t last long. After all, leaving the room meant putting on clothes. It was enough of a hardship for Steve to wrap a towel around his waist to answer the door and sign for the food.

Sprawled out on the bed, they fed each other bits of calamari and sweet potato fritters. A half-empty bottle of Bombay Sapphire was nestled in a cooler of ice, two martini glasses—empty now—sat on one bedside table.

They touched and teased, kissed and fondled while they ate. And when they were full, they dozed.

He was a cuddler, she discovered. Not something she was used to, since she was a sprawler, herself. But having his warm, hard body pressed against her back—one possessive arm wrapped around her waist, his hand cupping a breast—was peaceful and comforting.

She dreamt of him, as she did most nights, but now the dreams weren’t just a fantasy she concocted while fingering herself, but based on reality. The afternoon of sex played over in her sleep, his hands roaming over her, that eager mouth possessing.

She was wet and needy when she woke, pleased to find his fingers already rolling a nipple. His lips teased the back of her neck, teeth nipped. She’d never told him, but it was a sensitive spot for her and it put all her sensors on alert.

His hand moved down her belly, fingered the tiny triangle of fur. “You left this for me,” he murmured, his voice still thick with sleep.

“Grew it back for you,” she corrected. “You said you don’t like clean-shaven.” She already planned on waxing it off when she went home, but for him, for this weekend, she’d left it.

“But it’s like an arrow,” he mumbled against her throat, his hand sliding down, fingers opening her lips. “It guides me. How would I find this wonderful pussy, otherwise?”

Her dream was enough foreplay and she was ready, needed immediate release. Emily pressed her hand against his, forced his fingers into her cunt. “I’ll show you the way.”

She guided his fingers in and out, tried to set a fast pace, but his fingers were stronger—so fucking strong—and he slowed her down.

“Morning sex should be slow,” he whispered. “Not rushed. You don’t even want to fully wake up. And when you come,” he pulled his fingers out, rubbed them over her clit in slow, hypnotic circles, “ it should be slow and heavy, satisfying, but leave you wanting more.”

“Mmmm,” she moaned, as his fingers built her up, dragged her with him. “Yes. Yes.” She floated through the orgasm as her cunt throbbed.

Steve pushed his fingers into her, making slow, easy strokes. “See?”

She understood now. He’d let her have control last night but today was his. She accepted it, let the current build inside her, drifted with it.

“That’s it,” he said, when her hips began to rock. “That’s it baby. No, no, slow down, yes, that’s it.”

The next orgasm washed over her, slow and easy, released in a full-body shudder. She pressed her hand against his, forcing his fingers deeper. “More,” she begged.

“As you wish.”

He lifted her leg, pushed his cock against her. She was so wet, he simply slid into her.

“That’s what I want,” she moaned.

She let him lead, let him set the easy pace, let him drag her up toward blissful release. His hips bumped against her ass as his cock slid in and out of her cunt. She needed it faster, harder. He shoved her hand away when she made to rub her clit.

“I want to come,” she pouted. Jesus, she needed to come!

“I know you do, just relax and enjoy this. You don’t like what I’m doing?”

“I like what you’re doing very much, but I really liked what you did last night.”

“Let’s try this.” He lifted her leg, swung it back over his hip. He didn’t increase the tempo, but the new position amplified his thrusting and he seemed to sink deeper.

She closed her eyes and smiled. “Yes, that’s nice.”

He reach around and stroked her clit. “How nice?”

She hooked an arm around his neck as his fingers circled faster. “Very nice.” His cock maintained an easy pace but his fingers rotated around her clit faster and faster, building the pressure.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” She chanted it over and over until she came with a loud grunt.

He continued to thrust into her until she felt him spasm, his warmth filling her.

She turned her head, kissed his mouth for the first time that day. “I don’t mean to criticize,” she started, and stopped when he stared at her. His look was intense, almost angry. Under different circumstances, she would have found it intimidating.

She fixed a serious look on her face. “But I only came three times.”

He rolled onto her, nipped at her shoulder, made mock growling noises that had her giggling. “Well, then, we’ll just have to do something about that.”

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NYC - Part 3

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

“On your knees, soldier.”

Steve complied, seemed amused at her tone. He wouldn’t be smirking for long, Emily thought.

She shifted, lay on her back, scooted up until her head was between his knees, nestled just beneath his cock. She dragged her nails along his testicles—just a light scraping—and he groaned his approval. She sucked one in, her hands reaching up to stroke his ass.

Stretched out before him, she spread her legs, her pussy still glistening. He leaned forward, his hands reaching out to open her thighs, but she slapped him back.

“No touching,” she said.

Steve sucked in a breath. “Evil bitch.”

“You’ll thank me later.”

“I’ll punish you later.”

She licked the palm of one hand, wrapped it around his cock. “I like the sound of that.”

With her other hand, she reached down, slipped two fingers into her cunt, pushed them in and out. The rhythmic sucking sound was punctuated by the slurping of her mouth and Steve’s slow, quiet cursing.

“Fuck,” he said. “Fuck. Fuck.” His hips rocked with each word, matching the easy tempo of her hand in her cunt.

Emily shifted, nudged him back onto the bed. He relaxed against the pillows, wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked.

“I said no touching.”

Steve lifted his hands in surrender, smiled when she straddled his hips, lowered onto him.

“This isn’t for you right now,” she said. She pumped once, twice, then a third slow stroke. “This is for me.”

She lifted her hips, scooted down to settle between his thighs.

She dragged her tongue the length of his cock, making greedy slurping sounds. “Our flavors blend well.” She gripped the shaft while her tongue circled the head. Her lips wrapped around the tip, sucked, while her hand stroked. His hips thrust up to meet her.

“Let me fuck you,” he said.

“In a minute.” She was enjoying the control, something she seldom had. And she wanted him to come, wanted to taste him.


He moved like lightning—grabbed her chin, flipped her over onto her belly, yanked her hips, pulling her ass toward him. With his knees, he kicked her legs open, reached around and found her clit. His fingers worked the swollen nub until she whimpered.

“Now,” he repeated, and thrust into her. It was hard, it was brutal and she loved it. The orgasm was instant.

His fingers never stopped, continued to work her clit. “I’m not done yet.” He slammed into her over and over. It was sensory overload and she had trouble breathing. Her body reacted on its own, reaching for the next orgasm as his cock slammed in and out of her cunt.

“I can’t,” she begged, her face pressed into the pillow. Her legs quivered and she could no longer hold herself up.

“One more.”

“I can’t.”

“I’ll make you.”

He sucked his thumb, saturated it, then circled the pink bud that teased him, seemed to beg him. Her reaction was immediate.

She pressed back against him. “Yes. Oh, god, yes.”

He only managed three strokes before she convulsed around him.

“My turn,” he said.

Not giving her a chance to recover, he grabbed her hips with both hands and drilled into her, slamming against her wet cunt a dozen times before he finally let himself come.

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