Monster Mash

He pressed against her back, his entire body lined up against hers, his hard cock pressed against her ass.

“Are you awake?”

Emily groaned. “No.”

He thrust his hips against her. “I am.”

“Darren.” She growled his name. “I already told you, if you wake me up to fuck me, I’m going to punch you in your junk.”

He nibbled the back of her neck—the sensitive spot he knew drove her nuts—and pushed his hand down her belly until his fingers slipped into the folds of her pussy.

“Jesus, you’re already wet,” he panted in her ear.

“But I’m not awake.”

His fingers moved to her clit, rubbed the hard nub. Her traitorous body betrayed her—she could not resist this man. He had the mouth of an angel (if angels ate pussy) and the biggest cock she’d ever had. His mouth was angelic, but his cock was pure devil.

Her hips rocked against his hand and she pressed her ass against his cock. When she moaned his name, he yanked her thigh back over his hip, rammed his fingers into her cunt.

She hooked her arm back over his neck, rode his hand, chanting his name, until she came. The orgasm ripped through her like a rocket.

She rolled over, shoved him onto his back. “That was mean.”

He only grinned at her. “What are you talking about, babes?”

She lowered onto his cock and he groaned as her wet cunt gripped him. Her head dropped back as she took him deeper.

“You know I can’t resist this monster.”

His hands gripped her hips, dug into her when she started to ride him.

“It’s all yours, babes.”

She pinched her nipples as she fucked him, her hips swirling a little on the down shift. She looked like a goddess, pounding him like that. He was already close to the edge.

“It is mine.” Her dark eyes locked onto his and she smiled. “All mine.”

She sucked her fingers into her mouth, brought them down to her pussy and stroked her clit. She rode harder and faster until she spasmed around his cock. When she bowed back, Darren let himself go and shot into her, his fingers digging into her hips as he grunted her name.

She dropped onto him, her breasts crushed against his chest. His hand stroked her ass as she buried her face in his neck.

“And don’t forget it,” she said.

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