Coffee and Milk - Part 2

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* * *

Noah drives through traffic, navigating between cars and trucks. I want to unhook my seatbelt and lean over to nibble on his neck, rub my hand over his cock that I’m quite sure is rock hard. But the Good Girl inside me tells me to stay in my seat. Keep your seatbelt on. Behave yourself.

She pisses me off sometimes, this Good Girl. She always plays the logic card, insists I do the right thing. Well, let me tell you something, honey. Right now, the right thing for me to do is fuck Noah Arc. You can either watch or participate, but you’re not going to stop me.

He pulls into the lot of a high-rise, parks in the underground. He gets out and opens the door for me, guides me to the elevator.

I can’t explain it, but I’m anxious now. The rushed foreplay at Starbucks was needed on a level of desperation that neither of us will likely analyze.

He unlocks the door to his apartment, steps aside to let me in. It’s rather tidy for a single man. I expected clothes to be lying about and dishes on the counter, but everything is put away. There are books stacked on the coffee table, some mail on the kitchen counter. There is one coffee cup in the sink. I run my finger around the rim, knowing his mouth caressed it, just like he caressed my pussy only fifteen minutes ago.

He stands behind me, wraps his arms around my waist, presses his cheek against my head. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m nervous.”

He kisses the back of neck, knows this is a powerful erogenous zone for me. With an open mouth, he sucks and nibbles until I am all but writhing against him.

“You don’t seem nervous now,” he says.

“Not anymore,” I agree. “Now I’m very horny.”

“Well, let’s fix that.” He takes my hand, leads me to his bedroom where he undresses me.

He sighs and moans as the removal of each layer exposes more of me. “You’re beautiful, sweetheart,” he says when I’m standing before him naked. I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful or even pretty, but Noah looks at me with reverence and I feel like a goddess.

He leans in, presses his lips against mine, wraps his hands behind my neck. His tongue seeks mine, teases and plays. His moans are as intoxicating as his busy mouth.

My hands sneak up beneath his shirt, wander up his back; his muscles tense up as I touch him. I pull his shirt up and over his head, drop it on the floor. My gaze flicks down at his chest, then back up to his eyes and he knows what I’m thinking. He has mentioned more than once that his nipples are sensitive and I am eager to discover how much.

I press my mouth on his neck, flick my tongue along the pulse. Fuck, he tastes good. I want to savor more, I need to have more. My mouth trails across his shoulder, down his chest. I dip my head down and flick my tongue across his nipple.

He hisses and I hesitate.

“Keep going,” he says. His hand cups the back of my head, presses me against him.

I lathe his nipple, flick my tongue over it like a maniacal metronome. It’s a technique a former lover performed on me and it drives me wild.

It works on Noah, too.

He drops his head back, pushes his hips forward. I rub my hand against his hard bulge, shift to work the other nipple.

“God, that feels good,” he moans.

I suck hard on his nipple and he growls. His fingers convulse, dig into my scalp. His reaction undoes me and I can’t wait any longer. I drop to my knees, and make quick work of pulling down his jeans and underwear in one smooth movement.

His cock springs up, thick and dark, the head shiny with pre-cum. I wrap my hand around the base of the shaft, flick my tongue across the top. Tangy and salty. He is so fucking delicious.

I wrap my lips around the head, and suck. Gripping the base, I take him in as far as I can, sucking and stroking. He drops his head back, moans my name. I drop into the zone, absolutely in love with his beautiful cock. His moans make my pussy drip.

“Okay,” he whispers. “I have to stop, sweetheart. If I keep doing that, I’m going to cum.”

He tries to pull away from me, but I cup his ass and push him back into my mouth. I moan around his cock and I know he enjoys the vibration because he gets even harder.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good.” He holds my head and fucks into my mouth, chanting my name until he cums.

When he stops pulsing, I sit back, kiss the tip of his cock. I smile up at him.

“Now what?” I ask him.

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