NYC - Part 5

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Emily twisted her hair into a loose knot, secured it at the top of her head with a claw clip. Although the musky air of sex was alluring, she needed to take a shower, freshen up a bit.

“Are you joining me?” she called out from under the hot spray, groaning as the water needled into her skin.

Her mind wandered, imagined rubbing her hands all over Steve’s hard wet muscles, and she ached for more. Her soapy fingers brushed her pussy, wet with water and arousal, and circled her swollen clit. She leaned against the cool tile, opened her legs, pulled on one nipple.

“You need to come out here,” Steve called back. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Does it involve an orgasm?”


“Be right out!”

She couldn’t resist a few more strokes—just to heighten the tension, she told herself—before rinsing off and towelling dry.

She unclipped her hair, didn’t bother to put on the bath robe, and walked into the suite.

A woman—mid-twenties, Emily guessed—leaned against the dresser. She wore a short snug dress in killer red and three-inch black heels. Blond hair swung down in a long bob and her eyes danced with mischief.

Emily didn’t bother to cover herself, but glanced over at Steve, who lay sprawled on the bed, a sheet barely covering his waist. “Who’s your friend?” she asked.

“This is Sarah.” Steve gestured with his glass of bourbon. “I thought you might like to eat something different.”

The woman shifted and Emily knew it was to offer a better look at the small, perky breasts, the long toned legs.

“Steve said you were visiting for the weekend.” Her voice was soft and sultry. “Said you might want to take in some sights.”

Emily smiled, her gaze taking in the small breasts, the round ass. “I must say, the view is gorgeous.”

Sarah dipped her head. “Thank you, though I think I’m overdressed.”

The woman’s slow smile made something shift inside Emily, something she recognized all too well. She licked her lips, already wondering what to touch first. “My experience is limited,” Emily said, somehow needing to apologize. “I’ve only done this once, and I was really drunk,”

Sarah smiled. “I’ll teach you.”

She held out her hand and Emily took it, moving into the embrace. The kiss was soft and tender, not at all like kissing Steve, who was much more aggressive. Emily tilted her head, ran her fingers into Sarah’s hair, pushing power into the kiss.

“Don’t fake it for me,” Emily said when Sarah moaned.

“I wasn’t faking. For a first-timer, you’re very confident.”

Emily ran a hand down Sarah’s back, stroked her ass in small circles. “I’m just horny.” She ran her tongue down the woman’s throat, nipped when Sarah tipped her head back. Her hand cupped a small breast—so much different than her own—pinched the hungry nipple. “I want to see all of you. You feel so soft and yet hard.”

She tugged the zipper, let the dress fall around Sarah’s feet. A tiny triangle of pale blue silk, already wet, covered her crotch. Emily flicked her thumbs over hard nipples that poked through filmy lace, rolled them between her fingers. Panting now, Sarah unhooked the bra, let it drop to the floor, and pushed the small tits forward.

Emily didn’t hesitate. She dipped her head down, clamped her mouth onto one exposed breast as her hand worked the other. Her tongue skimmed back and forth over the nipple—a technique that Steve used on her—flicking with lightning speed. When Sarah’s hips pressed against her, she spun her around, pressed her back onto the bed. She smiled when the bronze thighs quivered as her fingers pulled down the silk thong.

Steve scooted across the bed, shifted until he was next to Sarah’s head. She reached up, stroked his thigh and he sighed.

“Tell me if I’m doing this wrong,” Emily said to him.

“Just do what feels good to you. If you like it, she’ll like it.” He ran his hand over Sarah’s hair, kissed her mouth, then took her hand, wrapped it around his cock, guiding her strokes.

Emily crawled up the bed, pressed Sarah’s thighs open. “I can’t wait. I want to taste you.”

She pressed open her thighs, and settled on her belly between Sarah’s legs, flicked her tongue up the slit, relished the sweet salty taste. With her thumbs, she open the labia, spreading the lips wide and pressed her open mouth against the soaking cunt, her tongue swirling around the clit.

“I don’t have to teach you a thing,” Sarah panted, one hand wrapped in Emily’s hair, the other stroking Steve’s cock.

Emily glanced up, as Steve shifted onto his knees. Sarah’s greedy mouth opened and Steve hissed when she scraped her teeth along his cock. Hands behind him, head tipped back, Steve thrust forward, fucking Sarah’s mouth as she fingered his balls.

“That is so fucking hot. I didn’t think watching someone suck you off would be such a turn on.”

Sarah glanced down at her. “You want some.”

Emily shook her head, pushed Sarah’s legs wider. “I have what I want here. You enjoy.”

“I will.” And Sarah’s head dropped down to the bed when Emily eased two fingers into her cunt as she continued to suck the hard clit. “Oh! Fuck!”

“Yeah,” Emily said. “I like that too. It always makes me cum.”

Emily pulled back the hood, wrapped her lips around the round nub and sucked, while her fingers pistoned in and out of Sarah’s wet cunt.

“Yes, yes,” Sarah managed to pant. “Oh god, yes!” Her hips rocked faster, breath came in quick short pants. Emily shifted to her knees and drilled her fingers like a jackhammer.

“FUCK!” Sarah contracted around her fingers, her hips bucking, Emily revelling in the power of making this woman orgasm.

Emily slowed the speed, kissed the inside of her those delicious thighs, until the spasms stopped.

Sounding a little bit drunk, her hand still wrapped around Steve’s cock, Sarah let out a small laugh. “Well, I’d call that beginner’s luck.”

Emily shrugged, sucking Sarah’s juices from her fingers. “I know what I like.”

Sarah patted the pillow beside her. “Come up here and tell what you’d like me to do to you.”

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  1. Well that's upped the ante. Steve might be sent out to buy some beer.

    1. Oh, we may need him to stick around. After all, someone needs to coach, call the plays.