Goodbye Girl

She knocked on his door, ran a hand down her shirt to smooth non-existent wrinkles. She made her lips curve up when he opened the door.

“Hi,” he said.


Neither of them moved for an eternity, then he stepped aside, gestured with his head for her to come in.

She brushed by him, inhaled his woodsy scent, suppressed the shiver when he touched her. His touch always made her shiver.

He led her to the sofa where they sat in silence. When he reached out his hand to take hers, she pulled away.

He sighed. “Now? We’re doing this now?”

She turned to him, forced a smile. “Not yet.” She swung her leg over his hips and straddled him, cupped his face in her hands. “Not yet,” she repeated.

She pressed against him, pleased that his cock was hard. His hand gripped her ass and he devoured her mouth, the kiss frantic and desperate.

“Not yet,” he agreed.

She shoved off him, walked to the back of the small apartment. “We have other things to do right now.”

He grinned. “Yes we do.”

In his bedroom, he pushed her on the bed, yanked her pants down while she pulled her shirt off. Once she was naked, he pressed her thighs apart, pushed her knees back and dove. His mouth ravaged her pussy, his tongue grinding with relentless heat. Her fingers dug into his hair and she opened her thighs wider, begged for more. He shoved two fingers into her cunt and the orgasm was immediate.

Sensitive now, she cried out, tried to push his face away. But he pushed her thighs wider, sucked harder.

“Stop,” she cried, even as her body betrayed her, and the orgasm built again.

He growled—actually growled—and lapped at her, spread her pussy, sucked at her clit, until she came again.

“I can’t,” she begged, when he continued to lick. “Stop.” Her body jerked at his touch.

He only held her down, pressed her legs wider, and continued to eat her as though he would die without her.

Considering the reason she was there, she wondered if he would. Wondered if she would, too.

She was in the zone, by the fifth orgasm—when had she ever had five orgasms?—and when she came, she spread her legs wider and pressed his face into her. If she was going to leave him, she wanted this to be a memorable evening.

“Don’t stop,” she commanded.

He changed the angle, pulled back the hood, and an entire new sensation ripped through her. Fully exposed now, he tongued her clit and wave after wave slammed through her as he held her down and feasted.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

On his knees now, he rammed his cock into her, its impossible length hitting sensitive parts never before touched. He let her cum once before pushing her on her side and fucking her at an angle.

His hips rocked as his cock slid in and out of her cunt. She came again before he pulled out and stroked his cock with his hand—something he knew she loved to watch—and he came across her tits.

Spent now, they lay in bed. After two hours of moaning and sighing, they lay in silence.

She squeezed his hand once, then sat up, dressed in the dark.

At his bedroom door, she looked back, thankful he couldn’t see her cry.

“Goodbye,” she whispered.

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