NYC - Part 7

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Every muscle in her body ached, every inch of her felt bruised. Some parts probably were—the parts that had been pinched and bitten at least. She had a vague recollection of being spanked.

Emily smiled as she stretched, her back bowing in a delicious arc. She felt alive. She’d never been so used, so abused. It felt wonderful.

The weekend would end tomorrow and she would go back home, return to her mundane life of self-pleasure. At least her fantasies with Steve were now reality. Night after night she’d thought of him as she masturbated, imagined the delightful things he’d do to her. Her fantasies hadn’t come close; reality was so much better.

She looked down at Sarah who lay nestled between her legs, her head resting on a thigh. Their eyes met and held; desire slammed through her fast and hard. She found it curious that she was so attracted to Sarah; was thrilled each time the woman moaned, ached to make her cum again.

Steve returned from the bathroom and Emily glanced over at him, looked back at Sarah who got the message.

Sarah stood up, pulled Emily with her. “Lie down, Steve.”

He spread out on the bed without hesitation, folded his arms behind his head, a boyish grin on his face.

“Do what you will, ladies.”

Emily had a slight twinge of regret that she was sharing. She quickly shook off the feeling, wary of entertaining any notion that this could be more than a weekend tryst. He wasn’t hers to keep, though she realized now that she wanted more. Never mind, she told herself, he was hers now. And if she had to share, so be it. After all Sarah was more than pleasurable to look at.

And fuck.

Emily pushed his leg open, bent forward, as Sarah did the same. Together, tongues stroked up and down his cock, mouths meeting at the top, sliding down in unison; their moans punctuated by Steve’s sighs.

Sarah nestled between his legs, sucked his balls while Emily rotated her tongue around the head. His hips thrust up, fucking Emily’s mouth. His hand pushed down her head, guiding her movement, slowing it down.

“Easy, baby. That’s it. Nice and slow.”

His fingers pushed between her thighs, slid easily between wet folds, rotated around her clit. She moaned against his cock.

“You want more, don’t you?”

Emily glanced up at him. “I always want more. I’m greedy that way.”

He laughed. “I know. It’s what I like about you. You’re greedy and insatiable.” He yanked her across him ravaged her mouth with his, his tongue strong and hard. “Like me.”

His hands cupped her face and for a moment, she was shocked when she felt fingers press between her thighs, stroke her clit in a slow, easy rhythm. She looked down to see Sarah, intent on sucking Steve’s cock, eyes closed in bliss, one hand massaging Emily’s pussy.

She turned back to Steve, her hungry mouth taking his. Oh yes, Emily thought, leaving would inevitably break her heart.

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  1. Well I need a rest even if they don't. As I implied in an earlier comment the story needs more light and shade. The excitement though titillating is too constant. You also decried on using the 3WW posting site which means the stories are floating with only those that know you finding them. I would have thought that a break from Steve might help Emily to find herself and realize he is not the only man in the world. However we will see; she might even get a big Christmas present or in fact a turkey. I'll check back later.