NYC - Part 6

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Emily took her time crawling up the bed. After all, if it was her, she’d need a moment to recuperate after that orgasm.

Hovering on all fours, she traced lazy kisses up Sarah’s thigh, stopped a moment to drag her tongue across the glistening labia.

When Sarah moaned, Emily smiled into the wet pussy, pushed the thighs apart, eager to make this woman cum again.

“Not yet, doll.” Sarah wrapped a leg around her waist and flipped her over with ease, draped herself over Emily’s long body. Her mouth was hard and eager this time, her tongue strong and sure.

Emily glanced up at Steve, who stood next to the bed, fisting his cock in lazy strokes.

“You want to join in?” she asked.

He smiled at them. “There’s plenty of time. I just want to watch for now.”

Sarah dipped her head down, wrapped her lips around Emily’s nipple and sucked. “Tell me what your girl likes, Steve. Better yet…show me.”

The lascivious grin on his face had Emily’s heart pounding and her pussy throbbing with need.

“She likes her nipples flicked.”

Sarah nodded. “She did that to me.” As she clamped onto Emily’s nipple, she pressed Steve’s head down to feast on the other. Emily arched up as both breasts were assaulted, lust shooting down between her thighs.

“Oh God!” She pressed both heads against her chest, her hips rocking, wanting to be filled, needing release. “Please,” she begged.

Steve shifted until he was leaning over her and held Emily’s legs open as Sarah scooted down to kneel between her thighs. His sure fingers manipulated her lips, spread them wide as Sarah’s tongue stroked from her ass up to her clit.

“Jesus!” Emily’s hips thrust up to meet Sarah’s hungry mouth.

Sarah clamped onto Emily’s wet pussy, her mouth open, pointed tongue against her clit, working in tight circles.

“That’s it,” said Steve, his hands holding Emily open. “Put your fingers inside her. Two fingers. Slow now, easy.”

The pressure was unbearable. Sarah’s skillful mouth on her cunt, Steve’s calloused hands spreading her wide and his gravelly voice giving orders.

Steve flicked his chin at her. “Make her cum.” He said it as though he were giving both women permission to finally enjoy the moment. It almost made her cum right then.

“Fuck her faster,” he growled. “Faster. Harder. She likes it hard.”

“Yes. Yes.” Emily’s head rock back and forth as her heart pounded and the intensity grew. Sarah’s slammed her fingers into her, brushing that sweet spot on each stroke. She arched as the orgasm tore through her. “Don’t stop.” Her body convulsed as aftershocks continued to ripple through her body.

When the tremors subsided, Emily lay on the bed, a satisfied smile on her face, Sarah curled up beside her. Steve knelt next to her head and she tilted her face, traced her lips along his cock, licked the bitter precum that clung to the slit in the head. She moaned, no longer surprised that she was ready for him.

He looked down at her and grinned.

“My turn.”

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