Coffee and Milk - Part 1

He’ll be at Starbucks. He’s always at Starbucks. He’s the only person who loves coffee with the same guiltless greed as me.

Nestled in a club chair in a quiet corner, I sip a black Americano and pretend to read. The café is not too busy this time of day. I suppose most people don’t want caffeine this late at night. For me, it doesn’t matter. Chronic insomnia keeps me up at night, caffeine or not.

Or maybe it’s the fact that my brain spins like a tornado as I play out sex scenes with this man—this complete stranger.

Then again, we’ve exchanged emails containing intimate, detailed descriptions of our sexual needs. That no longer makes us strangers, right?

I realize my Forrest Gump logic is not sound, but I don’t care. I want this man with an intensity that frightens me. He has spun words of lust and hope, leaving me wet and needy. He makes me forget my loneliness and fills the empty places in my soul.

My heart pounds when he walks in.

He strolls through the café, confident and a little arrogant—he carries both well. He walks straight to the counter and orders his drink, chats with the petite, blond barrista while he waits. He doesn’t look around, but keeps his eyes on her, laughing and flirting. I can’t blame him. I did the same thing. She has a great smile and a really great ass. I had imagined what it would be like to press my face between her thighs and I smile now, knowing he’s probably thinking the same thing.

That is something else we both share. I love pussy almost as much as he does.

Noah Arc, as he is known in the cyber world, is a self-proclaimed cunnilingus addict. The man who devotes his life to ‘the little man in the boat’, or arc, if you will.

I admit, my boat hasn’t floated in a while. I need to drift on the ocean of lust and greed until I am sated.

And that’s why I’m here. So Noah can float my boat.

As he walks by, coffee in hand, he glances over and smiles at me. A few more steps and he stops, turns. He looks at me with a fierce intensity.

I have stared at those eyes in countless photographs and I knew they were intense, but in person, they are hypnotic. I am pulled toward him, as if I’m in a thrall.

He walks over, sits down next to me, never taking his gaze away. It is breathtaking.

“You’re here,” he says.

For a moment I think he is angry, but then he smiles. His full lips curve in the most mischievous grin and I relax.

“I needed to see you,” I said.

He cups his hand behind my neck and pulls me in. His mouth is a breath away from mine when his tongue flicks out to wet his lips. My pussy blooms with need as I imagine that tongue flicking my clit.

“You can see all of me,” he says.

He covers my mouth with his, lets out a quiet moan. His other hand creeps up my thigh to cup my hip. His tongue eases my mouth open and I welcome it, teasing it with my own. I tilt my head, take the kiss deeper. My fingers creep through his thick curls, cup the back of his head. I want to push him down, press him between my thighs, urge him to feast.

But we’re in Starbucks, for Christ’s sake!


“No,” he says. “I’ve waited long enough. Come with me.”

He takes my hand, and I grab my bag, follow him out to the parking lot. We walk behind the building to a secluded alcove where he presses me against the concrete wall.

“I need to taste you right now. I’ve waited too long for this.”

“Oh god,” is all I can manage by way of assent as he drops to his knees and pushes up my skirt.

“You aren’t wearing underwear.” He looks up at me, a surprised smile on his face.

“I thought it would be easier.”

“It is, sweetheart.”

He lifts my left leg and places it over his shoulder, spreads my labia with his thumbs. My head falls back, bumps against the brick wall, as I lose myself in the sensation. I fucking love it when I’m spread open like this and he knows it.

He presses his open mouth against my pussy. The heat is like an inferno, igniting everything inside of me. His tongue laps my juices, pushes into my cunt and I ride it as the pressure builds to a delicious high.

He wraps his lips around my swollen clit, sucks it hard into his mouth and it undoes me. I bow back as orgasm tears through my body, rushes up through my scalp.

He kisses my thigh then lowers my leg, lets my skirt drop down.

“Let’s go back to my place,” he says.

Oh, god, yes.

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