NYC - Part 1

NOTE: The NYC Series starts with Face to Face. If you haven't been following along, you may want to start there.

* * *

Nerves ripped through her like an electrical shock.

For more than a year, Emily had texted, emailed and phoned Steve. It started with sexting, which quickly moved to phone sex and now they regularly met on Skype to masturbate.

He was easy to talk to, made her laugh, and she loved his dirty mind. And in a few minutes, she was going to finally meet him.

She knew he never made his bed, so she had pushed the sheets to one side; tuned the hotel clock radio to a jazz station, set low.

She ran a hand down the short silk dressing gown she wore. She wasn’t sure why she’d brought it, it wasn’t like she planned on wearing it long. In fact, she wasn’t planning on wearing much at all this weekend.

The quiet knock had her nipples puckering and her pussy slick with need. She let the gown slide off her shoulders and pool around her feet as she opened the door.

Steve’s easy grin froze. “Jesus Christ.” He was exactly how she’d imagined. Big and strong, he filled the doorway; excited energy rolled off him.

“Hi handsome.”

“Hi gorgeous.”

She waited until he closed the door before she launched herself at him. He caught her, his mouth greedy against hers, his tongue teasing. Those wide hands she’d seen stroke his cock, now stroked her body, seemed to be everywhere at once. She was a bundle of need, teetering on the edge of release.

“I need you inside me. Now.” She had done nothing but think about this since they’d made plans to meet. She’d been horny for days and no amount of self-pleasure could ease the pressure.

“Let me do this.” He dropped to his knees, pushed open her thighs.

With his thumbs, he spread open swollen lips, circled the first knuckle of a finger inside her; just the tip, just a tease. “Jesus, you’re wet.”

She whimpered, tried to lower herself, desperate for relief, but he held her up. “Not yet,” he said.

His fingers kept her spread wide as he kissed her thighs, sucked her labia. She tried to shift so that he could suck on her clit, but he moved away each time.

“Steve!” She was whimpering now and her legs shook. Head tipped back, pressed against the hallway wall, her hips rocked against air begging him for release. “Please. Please.”

“That’s what I want to hear. I want to hear you beg.”

He cupped her ass in both hands pulled her cunt into his face. His head moved from side to side, rocked up and down, as his tongue lapped with greed. It twirled around her clit, thrust inside of her.

He was so much more aggressive than she had imagined and though it frightened her on some level, she was drawn to the darkness. She opened her legs wider, inviting more.

“That’s it baby, open up for me.”

He sucked her clit into his mouth, pushed two fingers into her cunt, curling them to tap that most sensitive spot just inside.

She couldn’t breathe and the need to bear down was unbearable. It was too much and her body bowed back as the orgasm tore through her.

“Fuck! Me!”

He caught her before she collapsed.

“That’s next,” he said, as he pulled her to the bed.

The NYC series continues here

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